2023 Revaluation Update - New Values and Hearing Information
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2023 Revaluation

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December 20, 2022

Per Connecticut State Statutes, “revaluation” or “revalue” means to establish the present true and actual value of all real property in a town as of a specific assessment date.
Revaluation is a revenue neutral process.  That means the total amount of taxes a town needs to collect is the same regardless of whether or not a revaluation takes place.
The main purpose of a revaluation is to correct inequalities in the tax burden that have developed since the last revaluation.  In addition, Connecticut statute requires that all real estate be revalued every five years. A municipality incurs penalties and loses certain state grant money if they do not conduct a revaluation.

The town of Barkhamsted has awarded Vision Government Solutions the contract to provide services to assist in the revaluation of all real property located in town as of the October 1, 2023 Grand List.
The data collection phase of this revaluation has begun.  "Revaluation - Residential Data Verification Reports" were mailed out at the end of December with a request to return within 10 of receipt. If you have not already done so, please read, mark corrections (if any), sign and return your form as soon as possible.  Also, please read the 2023 Revaluation Introduction document for additional information or  refer to  Assessment & Revaluation Frequently Asked Questions

We need all residential property owners in town to participate in this phase in order to make sure the data is as accurate as possible.  High participation during the data collection phase can also minimize the need for additional inspections, saving the town money.

Thank you all for your assistance!
Carmen Smith, Assessor