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2023 Revaluation Update - New Values and Hearing Information

Posted on
November 28, 2023
BARKHAMSTED 2023 REVALUATION UPDATE                                                                  NOVEMBER 28, 2023

 Vision Government Solutions has updated the values for Barkhamsted’s 2023 Revaluation to reflect the current market. The change Notices were mailed on Monday, 11/27/2023.  

Please remember that a revaluation is a revenue neutral process.  The total amount of taxes that a town needs to collect is independent of the revaluation.  Your tax bill will not increase the same percentage as your assessment since the mill rate will be changing. The mill rate will be set in May after the town budget is approved. If the Grand List increases significantly and the budget change is minimal, the mill rate will most likely decrease. For more details about the Revaluation process, please read the documents posted on the Assessor’s page of the town website: www.Barkhamsted.US

Although the average assessment increase for residential real estate is 45%, there is variation from house-to-house since market desires change from one period of time to the next. In addition, if you have made any changes to your property in the past year, these changes may also have impacted your property’s valuation.  

After you receive your notice, if you have any questions or if you are not satisfied with your property’s revaluation, please contact Vision Government Solutions, Inc. to schedule an informal telephone hearing.  To schedule an appointment, please CLICK HERE  and follow the instructions or you may call   1-888-844-4300 to speak with someone regarding scheduling an appointment.  You will need the Parcel ID number (PID#) at the top of your notice to book your appointment.  Please book your appointment within 5 days of receipt of the letter, but no later than Monday, 12/11/2023.  In addition, you may send any written documents supporting your property value by email to Vision Government Solutions at, by fax 508-351-3797 or by mail to Vision Government Solutions, 1 Cabot Drive, Ste. 100, Hudson MA 01749.

If you would like to view your property information online, please CLICK HERE and follow the instructions. (The PID# can also be found in the top section of this online property information.)

Note, if any of these links are not working for you, please contact Vision directly.



Carmen Smith, Assessor
Town of Barkhamsted