COVID Test Kit and N-95 Mask Distribution Plan - 01/10/22

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Town Hall
The Town of Barkhamsted has received a small shipment of additional COVID-19 test kits and a shipment of N-95 masks.  Both commodities are in limited supply, so we will provide them to residents in the same manner as we distributed the previous shipment of test kits on January 3rd and 4th.

Per the guidelines we received from the local Health District, we are reserving some of the kits and masks for our volunteer first responders (fire department and ambulance) and town staff who deal with the public, or who are critical to the town like the highway department.

That leaves a limited supply for our residents, so we will distribute them using the below guidelines.  We strongly request that people who do not need them immediately, not stockpile the kits or masks.
 COVID test kits and masks are reserved for residents, who:

  • are showing symptoms of COVID-19,
  • are at risk due to health issues,  
  • have been exposed to someone with COVID, 
  • are returning from or about to travel and may have been exposed, or
  • are required to test or who need N-95’s for their job

You must show proof of residency and be masked when you pick up a kit or mask.   Call Town Hall at (860) 379-8285, starting Monday January 10 at 9:00 AM, to request test kits and masks.

Please do not enter the Town Hall to get your test kits.  Call from the parking lot and we will bring them out to you.

We anticipate that additional kits and masks will be available in the future, so it is important that we limit distribution to our residents who have an immediate need, rather than having a kit or mask just in case.