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COVID Vaccination Update

Posted on
January 20, 2021
Town Hall
Volunteers from the Town have been calling Seniors who live in Barkhamsted and who are over the age of 75 to see if they need assistance in scheduling their COVID-19 Vaccines.  If you did not receive a phone call and if you are unable to make an appointment on your own, please call Town Hall and our staff will work with you to get an appointment as soon as possible and as close to Barkhamsted as possible.  If you are not 75 or older, you are currently not eligible to schedule an appointment, 

If you are already scheduled or if you have a family member or friend who can help you, please reach out to them as the number of folks who need help is quite large.  We are doing the best we can to make these appointments convenient for you, and per the press release below, Charlotte Hungerford Hospital is going to be opening up the Torrington Armory as a vaccination clinic next week.

The Town Hall number is (860) 379-8285.