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Important: Absentee Ballots for the Presidential Preference Primary

Posted on
July 30, 2020
Town Clerk
A Message about Absentee Ballots for the August 11th Presidential Preference Primary

Hello everyone. Due to the CoVid-19 pandemic and under the direction of the Secretary of the State’s Office, all Town Clerk’s offices in the State were required to process absentee ballot applications and ballots differently this year. As you may be aware, all eligible voters for the Presidential Preference primary (registered Democrats and Republicans) were sent applications by the Secretary of the State as an alternative to voting at the polls in person. The 320 applications this office received since the beginning of July though this past Monday, July 27, were all entered into the State of Connecticut’s Election Voter System. The Secretary of the State’s office hired a mail house located in Rhode Island to issue the ballots to all voters requesting one. We were assured that the ballots would be mailed out on July 21st. However, due to a delay at the mail house (we were not notified of the cause), the “first wave” of ballots were not mailed out until Monday, July 27th. So if you are waiting for your ballot, you should hopefully be receiving it soon. Once you do receive your ballot from the mail house, please note that there is an error in the instructions printed on envelope “B” which refers to an envelope “C”. There will not be an envelope “C” included in your packet. You will simply fill out your ballot, insert into envelope “B”, sign and date that envelope where noted, then insert into the return mailing envelope being sure the Town of Barkhamsted is the addressee in the window.

For any applications that have been received in this office since Monday, July 27th, I am issuing directly
from here. You will receive your ballot much quicker and the instructions will be complete and all envelopes included. Please be sure to follow the instructions carefully, especially if this is your first time voting by absentee.

For the return of your ballot, there is a new “ballot drop box” located on the sidewalk to the left of the lower door at Town Hall. This box, which was sent to us from the Secretary of the State’s office and required to be located outside the building, is the size of a US Postal box and has been installed with bolts to the sidewalk and has locks to keep everything secure. You are welcome to either drop your completed ballot into that box, mail your ballot through the US Postal Service, or deliver in person to me or my assistant in the town clerk’s office. All ballots must be received by 8p.m. on August 11, 2020 to be counted.

As always, I am here to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact me during business hours at 860-379-8665 or send me an email at hkrouse@barkhamsted.us.