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Intersection and Safety Improvements at Route 318 and Route 219 in the Town of Barkhamsted

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September 21, 2020
Town Hall
Project No.: 0005-0114
Intersection and Safety Improvements at Route 318 and Route 219 in the Town of Barkhamsted

The Connecticut Department of Transportation is announcing that that an intersection improvement project will begin on or around Monday, September 21st, 2020 at the intersection of Route 318 (Saville Dam Road) and Route 219 (Reservoir Road) in the Town of Barkhamsted. All work is “weather permitting”.
Work under this project addresses safety concerns at the current “Y” intersection at the junction of Routes 318 and 219. The purpose is to replace 5 intersections to a single intersection. The proposed improvements to the project area will include the removal of the existing access roads between Routes 318 and 219 (across from the MDC parking lot). Route 219 is proposed to be realigned to a conventional “T” type intersection. Due to a large grade differential between Route 219 and 318, the roadway grade of Route 219 will gradually be raised to 5% with a 2% landing prior to “T” ing up at the intersection. As a result of this new configuration, Route 318 will become a through movement while 219 will be stop controlled in the northbound direction. Route 318 in the area of the intersection will be widened to allow for the additional 10’ bypass in the southbound direction. Guiderail within the project area will be upgraded to a box beam rail. Area sightlines will also be improved by cutting back vegetation on the west side of Route 318 including the removal of the rock slope on the eastern side of Route 219 north of the existing intersection.
Various Lane closures are anticipated between 9:00 am and 3:00 along Route 219 and 318 Monday through Friday with various closures for each Phase of Construction as noted:
-      Phase 1 will include the closure of a 1000’ section of Route 219 from connector road to the approach of Route 318 from September 21st thru November 21st 2020.
-      Phase 2 will include the reconstruction of the remaining 750’ section of Route 219 utilizing alternating one-way traffic.
-      Phase 3 – close Route 318 Eastbound travel lane from the connector road to Route 219/318 merge
-      Phase 4 - close connector road permanently