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June 15, 2023
Per Connecticut State Statutes, “revaluation” or “revalue” means to establish the present true and actual value of all real property in a town as of a specific assessment date. Revaluation is a revenue neutral process.  That means the total amount of taxes a town needs to collect is the same regardless of whether or not a revaluation takes place.
The main purpose of a revaluation is to correct inequalities in the tax burden that have developed since the last revaluation.  In addition, Connecticut statute requires that all real estate be revalued every five years. A municipality incurs penalties and loses certain state grant money if they do not conduct a revaluation.
 The town of Barkhamsted has awarded Vision Government Solutions the contract to provide services to assist in the revaluation of all real property located in town as of the October 1, 2023 Grand List.
 The data collection phase of this revaluation began in December 2022.  "Revaluation - Residential Data Verification Reports" were mailed out and approximately 80% of our town residents have made the necessary corrections and returned their forms - Thank you all for participating in this vital step!
Within the next two weeks, Vision will proceed with physical inspections for current sales, open permits and a selection of other parcels as needed. All data collectors will be wearing reflective clothing, carry an identification badge and a letter of introduction, have an “Assessor’s Office” sign posted in the vehicle window and their cars will be registered with the Police as well as the Assessor’s office in the Town Hall.  It is suggested that you request identification before granting anyone permission to enter your home.  Unfortunately, due to scheduling constraints, the data collectors are unable to make appointments in advance.  
Data collectors will physically inspect the exterior and interior to measure and verify the information as needed.  The data collector will note a building’s size, condition, quality of construction, improvements, utilities and numerous other characteristics. Please assist these data collectors by providing them access to the spaces they need to review and answering any questions they may have regarding your property.  If the data collector is unable to view your property, we will have to estimate the condition of or improvements made to the interior. That may not be as accurate as the information they can gather by visual inspection. 
If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact my office directly. 

 Thank you all for your assistance!
Carmen Smith, Assessor