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Vaccination Rates

Posted on
July 8, 2021
Town Hall
For those of you who like to look at data, here are the latest figures on the vaccination rate in town.  The good news is that we have not seen any new COVID-19 cases for the last several weeks, and we are making steady, but slow progress on getting our eligible population vaccinated.

I am concerned that the percentage of residents who are vaccinated is not higher, which would make all of our townspeople safer.  Therefore, I would like to urge everyone who has not yet gotten their first vaccine to schedule an appointment.  If you already have gotten your first dose, please make sure that you get your second one.

The bottom line is that if we want our town, region, state and country to return to normal, we really need a higher percentage of those who are eligible to be vaccinated.  Only then will we be able to feel that our health risk is as low as possible. 

For more information about vaccinations and where to get them, please click on the link below: