Motor Vehicle Property Tax


If your registration is due to expire within 60 days (or has already expired) and you have not received a renewal notification YOU MUST CONTACT DMV.  If you are being reported with a tax (or other) compliance in a town you never lived in, YOU SHOULD CONTACT THE TOWN reporting the compliance.

Check out the DMV web site at for renewing a registration, cancelling plates, verifying your renewal status after payment of delinquent taxes and much more.

Motor vehicles are subject to a local property tax under Connecticut state law, whether registered or not.

Motor Vehicle Assessments

Motor vehicles are assessed according to State statutes at 70% of the Clean Retail value through the use of the NADA Guides and other resources.

The uniform assessment date is October 1st in Connecticut. Motor vehicles registered on October 1st will be part of the October 1st Grand List.  Vehicles registered after October 1st, but prior to August 1st, will be a supplement to the October 1st Grand List.

Supplemental Motor Vehicles

Supplemental motor vehicles are vehicles that were not registered on October 1st, but were registered subsequent to October 1st and prior to August 1st. Motor vehicle assessments are prorated from the month registered through September.

Motor Vehicle Tax Credits

Motor vehicle tax credits (prorate adjustments) are provided for those vehicles which are:

  1. Sold
  2. Totally damaged
  3. Registered out of state
  4. Stolen not recovered
  5. Repossessed

This credit applies only to the current year and one year prior. Proof is required for prorates. Vehicles which are disposed of are entitled to the following credit percentages of assessed value.

January66.7%July 16.7%
February 58.3%August8.3%

Deadline for Presentation of Proof for Adjustment:

The proof for adjustments (prorates) of motor vehicles regular list must be presented within 27 months of the assessment date. Example:  the owner of a vehicle with a bill with an assessment date of October 1, 2016 has until December 31, 2018 to present all proofs of disposal.

  • Click here for a Brochure of Motor Vehicle Information & Required Proofs for adjustments of Motor Vehicle Tax Bills .
  • Click here for Application for Motor Vehicle Property Tax Exemption or Exemption Benefit for Connecticut Residents who are Members of the Armed Forces CGS 12-81(53)

Taxpayer failure to provide all forms of proof for the adjustment within the 27 months of the assessment date forfeits the right to an adjustment of the bill by Connecticut law 12-71c.

Antique, Rare or Special Interest Motor Vehicles:

An owner of a vehicle that can be classified as antique, rare or special interest, but does not currently have DMV-issued Classic Vehicle plates for such vehicle, may complete an affidavit (link below) and submit it to the Assessor's office for review.  

  • Click here for the affidavit form.  Please contact our office if you have any questions.
  • For information regarding DMV issued Classic Vehicle plates, please click here.

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