Personal Property Forms

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NOTICE: The Assessment Date for Personal Property Declarations is October 1, 2019. Complete instructions are included on the 2019 Full Form.  All Personal Property Declaration Forms are available on this website or you may contact the Assessor’s Office to have one mailed to you: 860-379-3600.

DEADLINE: The deadline for filing personal property declarations is November 1, 2019 *.  The Office closes at 12 noon on Friday, November 1, 2019.

LATE FILING NOTE: if a declaration is received after November 1, 2019 it will be considered late unless it has been postmarked by the U.S. Postal service only by November 1, 2019. Declarations received after November 1, 2019 with postmarks using Pitney Bowes or any other in-house postal machine will still be subject to the 25% late filing Penalty.

* Declarations can be delivered to the Assessor’s Office by hand, emailed, faxed, or mailed.

EMAIL: CSmith@Barkhamsted.US

FAX: 860-379-9284

ADDRESS: Assesor’s Office, Town of Barkhamsted, 67 Ripley Hill Rd.,Barkhamsted, CT 06063 (US Postal Service Postmark by November 1, 2019)

PENALTY: Failure to declare will result in a 25% penalty. Late filing will also result in a 25% penalty, unless an extension For Good Cause has been requested in writing by November 1, 2019.

BUSINESS TERMINATION OR MOVE: If your business has recently closed, prior to October 1, 2019, please complete the Affidavit on the first page of the declaration and include one of the following:

  1. Certificate of dissolution from the Connecticut Secretary of State's Office that the business closed prior to 10/1/2019  (LLC's should be dissolved and be issued a certificate).
  2. Letter from an accountant that the business has been dissolved prior to October 1, 2019.
  3. Letter from the bank that the business accounts have been closed prior to October1, 2019.
  4. A copy of the lease showing date expired and no longer leasing space as of October 1, 2019.