Business Directory - Restaurant

The merchants, businesses, and contractors listed on this page are local to Barkhamsted and have provided the town with contact information about their business. Please use local services whenever possible to benefit these businesses and the Town.

The Town of Barkhamsted is not responsible for errors or omissions nor does the Town vouch for the quality of the services provided by these businesses. Being listed on this page is purely voluntary and does not constitute an endorsement by the Town.

(860) 379-8937
110 New Hartford Road Barkhamsted, CT 06063

Old Riverton Inn

Country Inn and Restaurant

(860) 379-8678
436 East River Road Riverton, CT 06065

Passiflora Cafe, Tea Room & Herbal Shop

Cafe, Tea Room, Herbal Shoppe - Commercial Kitchen Located in Barkhamsted

(860) 379-8327
516 Main Street New Hartford, CT 06057

Riverton General Store

Deli and Grocery

(860) 379-0811
2 Main Street Riverton, CT 06065
(860) 738-3729
380 New Hartford Road Route 44 Barkhamsted, CT 06063

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