New Personnel in the Assessor's office

The Town of Barkhamsted is pleased to announce that we have hired a new Assessor and a new Assessor’s Assistant.  This personnel change is the result of the prior Assessor, Francine Beland, accepting a new position after 11 years of service to the Town, and her Assistant, Linda Fancher, deciding to retire after 36 years with the Town in various positions.  We appreciate the great work of both people and their dedication to the Town and its residents.

Carmen Smith, a 28-year resident of Barkhamsted, has been hired to replace Francine.  Since Carmen is working towards becoming certified, we have also hired Donna Murphy to work part time, to help Carmen learn the details of the position and to sign off on documents requiring a certified Assessor’s signature.  Donna, also a town resident, is currently the Assessor in Watertown, and is a Certified Assessor with over 25 years of Assessment experience.  She will be a very important asset to the Town as she provides direction and insights to Carmen.  Carmen has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University, and has worked in private industry in a variety of roles including being a financial manager and accounting consultant.  She was also a member of the two building committees, which were formed to supervise our very successful construction of the new Highway Garage and the installation of the new roof and solar panels on the Barkhamsted School.

Her assistant will be Andrea Lefcheck, an 11-year resident of Barkhamsted.  Andrea has Associate’s degrees in Graphic Design and Natural Resources Management, and has extensive experience in industry, working as part of a team and with clients, and she has strong computer skills.  Andrea and Linda will make a transition over the coming weeks to assure that she is able to understand her new position from her predecessor.

We obviously wish Francine and Linda the best of luck in their future endeavors and are very happy to have Carmen, Donna and Andrea to serve our residents and to provide exemplary service to them.  I hope you will join me in welcoming them to Town Hall and to wish them the best in their new roles.