Personal Property Declarations - Town of Barkhamsted


All residents and non-residents, owning tangible personal property and subject to property tax in the town of Barkhamsted on October 1, 2019, are hereby notified to file their list of personal property with the Barkhamsted Assessor on or before November 1, 2019 (office closes at 12 noon).  List need not include real estate or registered vehicles, but must include the following:


Non-registered and out-of-state registered motor vehicles, trailers, campers and snowmobiles per CGS Sec 12-71.


Manufacturing machinery and equipment

Furniture, fixtures and equipment

Electronic data processing (includes computers) and peripheral equipment

Farm machinery and tools

Mechanics tools

Leasehold improvements

Expensed supplies

Leased equipment

All other tangible personal property 

All individuals owning and operating a business in the town of Barkhamsted including businesses that are being operated from home are required by law to file their list of personal property with the Assessor.

Please do not disregard this notice: a 25% penalty will be assessed for failing to file a Declaration with the Assessor’s Office by November 1, 2019.  Declarations received with postmarks after November 1, are ONLY accepted if they are postmarked by the U.S. Postal Service.

The Assessor’s Office, located at 67 Ripley Hill Road, Barkhamsted, will assist taxpayers who have questions or need help filling out the Personal Property Declaration.  Office hours are: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 9 – 4, Wednesday 9 – 5, Friday 9 – 12.  To download a form go to: