Temporary Changes in the Assessor's Office

As many of you may know, the Town’s Assessor, Francine Beland, has accepted a position in another community. We are in the process of advertising and working to hire a replacement, but that may take a period of weeks or months. Francine will continue working for the Town until the end of June to support the revaluation activity and to have continuity with her successor, when hired.  Even though a contractor is doing the actual revaluation of properties, the reval needs the Assessor’s oversight.

Linda Fancher, the Assistant to the Assessor, will be working to keep the office open as much as possible, to do necessary work and to answer questions. If you need assistance, please call the office (860‐379‐3600) to make sure that it is staffed at the time you want to come to Town Hall.   If you wish to meet with Francine to discuss your property, please email her at the address below, and she will set up a time to get together with you.

During the coming weeks, we will post the more limited office hours on a weekly basis on the Town website and we ask that you email both Francine (fbeland@barkhamsted.us) and Linda (lfancher@barkhamsted.us), if you have specific questions.

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we want to wish Francine well in her new job and thank her for her diligence and pursuit of excellence during her tenure in the Town. She will be hard to replace.