Registrars of Voters

The Registrars of Voters are encouraging everyone to verify their voter status by going to the Connecticut Secretary of the State’s website.  Under "Elections & Voting", click on "Voter Information". If you are not registered, you may now register on-line using the same site. If you would prefer, please call the Registrars’ office directly at (860) 738-4695. 

If you would like to register to vote and you can't stop in to the Registrar's office, you can request a form from the Town Clerk's office as well as the online registration.

If you have moved to Barkhamsted from another town and would like to continue to vote, you must first register in Barkhamsted. You can stop in to either the Registrar of Voter's office or the Office of the Town Clerk to fill out an application form. You may also register online by clicking the State of CT website link in the first paragraph.

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