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Town offices are closed due to the corona virus. I am currently working from home and encourage you to use our online payment system (link to the left). With this system, you can determine your balance owed, make a payment (or mail a payment if you prefer) and also retrieve your tax information for payments made in 2019. If you have accounts under multiple names, remember to search under the last name, first initial for each person. If you need assistance with the online system, please call the office and, if there is no answer, leave a message and we will get back to you. I am also available through email at

Payments will be processed once per week and motor vehicle releases, if appropriate, will be done at that time. Current registrations have been given a 90-day extension so there is no need for an immediate release. 

If your account is with our collection agency, TaxServ, they have assured me their offices will remain open. Call them at 860-724-9100 and they can take your payment over the phone or online with an ACH check, electronic check or credit/debit card. 


 The Board of Selectmen voted to participate in a tax deferment program per Governor Lamont's Executive Order 7S/7W.   What you need to know is:

     Real estate, personal property and motor vehicle taxes will become due and payable as of July 1, 2020. With the exception of escrowed real estate bills and landlord's real estate bills, the last day to pay will be October 1, 2020. That represents a 90 day window in which to pay your taxes. HOWEVER, interest penalties will revert back to the original due date of July 1st beginning October 2, 2020, which means October payments will be subject to an interest penalty of 6%. No reminders will be sent...only the original bills. 

     Escrowed accounts are required to be paid on or before August 3, 2020 per the Executive Order. are required to pay on or before August 3, 2020 unless you file the state mandated application form requesting a deferment. The application forms will be made availabe online and are required to be filed no later than July 1, 2020. To qualify for the deferment, residential landlords must submit proof that you complied with Executive Order 7X and granted tenants a 60 day grace period for the rents due in the months of April and May. Commercial landlords must prove either (1) a deferral of 25%  of rent for 3 months from the due date, (2) a deferral of one month's rent to be paid over the three-month period, or (3) forebearance substantially similar to (1) or (2) as determined by the tax collector. Please contact the tax office with questions concerning this.    

Mission Statement

The Tax Collector's office is responsible for the billing and collection of Town and Fire District taxes and all related penalties. Its mission is to assist in maintaining the fiscal stability of the Town and Fire District by ensuring the timely collection and recording of all taxes through the diligent application of the State Statutes, Town Ordinances, regulations and other enforcement aids, while assisting the public in understanding the taxation process and procedures and maintaining an effective and cordial relationship with the general public.

General Information

The Tax Collector is also responsible for reporting fiscal information to various Town departments and boards, the Barkhamsted Fire District, the State of Connecticut and the United States Bureau of the Census.

The first installment of real estate and personal property bills becomes due July 1, 2019. Also due will be the motor vehicle bills for vehicles that were owned as of October 1, 2018. This year the last day to pay will be Thursday, August 1, 2019. For payments that are mailed, we have to go by the postmark per state statutes. If you are mailing a payment on July 31st or August 1st, be sure your check is correct and ask to have the envelope hand cancelled at the post office to insure your payment is not late. 

If you receive a bill or a delinquent tax statement that you believe to be an error, please contact us immediately. Also, if you are unable to pay what you owe in full, partial payments are encouraged to reduce the interest that accrues. Just a note: the late penalty is set by State Statutes and cannot be waived by the Tax Collector.

The Tax Collector's office is located on the lower level of the Barkhamsted town hall at 67 Ripley Hill Road (Route 318).  Please review the office hours as the tax office is considered to be part-time by the Selectman and the Board of Finance. 

When paying by check, always double check your math and be sure the written and numeric portions are the same and that your check is signed. Checks returned will be charged $20.00. If you prefer to pay on-line, click the link in the left column. You can pay by ACH or credit card. The fee for the ACH option is $0.95 and, if you pay by credit card, the fees charged by the credit card company will be 2.95%. This is not a free service

Barkhamsted tax bills contain both the Town tax and the Fire District tax. The combined mill rate for the grand list of October 1, 20186 is 32.63 mills. The Town portion is 30.97 mills and the Fire District portion is 1.66 mills. $1,000 of assessment is equal to a tax of $32.63.

Sample motor vehicle tax: Assessment of $3,500 (70% of NADA book value) gets a Town tax of $108.40 and a Fire tax of $5.81 for a total tax due of $114.21. Motor vehicle taxes are due in full July 1 with a 30 day grace period before penalties accrue.

Sample real estate tax: Assessment of $150,000 (70% of assessed value as of last revaluation) gets a Town tax of $4,645.50 and a Fire tax of 249.00 for a total tax of $4,894.50. The Town tax is due in two installments (July 1 and January 1) and the Fire tax is due in full July 1, therefore $2,571.75 would be due July 1 and $2,322.75 would be due January 1. There is a 30 day grace period from the due date before penalties begin to accrue. Bills are sent out once a year at the end of June - no second bill for the January installment will be sent. Mark your calendars!  

Staff Contacts

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Teresa Collins Tax Collector
Donna Pasqualucci Assistant