Town Clerk

The Office of the Town Clerk is one of the oldest positions of government in American history. It was created at the time of the landing of the early settlers in America and served as a direct link between the citizens of the community and their government.  The settlers were well aware of the importance of keeping accurate written records of agreements and actions, so when they first settled in Plymouth, Ma, one of their first acts was to appoint a person to act as recorder.  That person kept all the vital records for births, marriages and deaths for the church, as well as various other records of appointments, deeds of land exchanges, meetings, regulations governing animals, the collection of taxes, expenditures of town funds, and the election of officers at town meetings. That person may also have been given the chore of sweeping the meeting house, ringing the bell, and paying the bounty for jays and blackbirds whose heads were presented to him by the citizens.  (Thankfully), the dutes of the town clerk are a bit different in today's world.

The Barkhamsted Town Clerk's Office preserves and protects town records and provides a wide range of services to the public in a professional and courteous manner, following the Connecticut General Statutes and the Code of the Town of Barkhamsted (Ordinances). These services include but are not limited to the recording of:
  • All land records
  • Maps and surveys
  • Vital records (births, marriages and deaths, burials)
  • Military discharges
  • Election results
  • Town ordinances
  • The agendas, minutes and membership of boards & commissions
  • Trade name certificates
  • Liquor licenses and notaries
  • Name Change certificates
In addition, the Town Clerk's Office prepares the ballot for all elections, issues absentee ballots and administers oaths to all elected and appointed board and commission members. The Town Clerk's Office also issues:
  • Marriage licenses
  • Dog licenses
  • Sport licenses
  • Certified copies of vital records
The Town Clerk may appoint Assistant Town Clerks who shall, in the absence or inability of the Town Clerk, have all the powers and perform all the duties of the Town Clerk. The Town Clerk's office and the records vault are used on a daily basis by title searchers, attorneys, bankers, appraisers, civil engineers, surveyors, real estate agents and the general public. We do not perform any searches of real estate records, nor do we answer any legal questions. Please see your attorney or a title searcher for help in those matters. Our land records are accessible on-line, but are not up-to-the minute, so please be sure to note the dates on that website. (please click on On-Line Land Records link)   

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Holly P. Krouse Town Clerk & Registrar of Vital Statistics
Lauren Dombrowski Assistant Town Clerk & Assistant Registrar of Vital Statistics
Lila Tuxbury Assistant Town Clerk & Assistant Registrar of Vital Statistics