Justices of the Peace

Justice of the Peace

The office of Justice of the Peace originated in England and was brought to this country by the early colonists.  The office existed in Connecticut in some form from the beginnings of the colony. Today, Justices of the Peace have general oath giving powers (CGS§1-24), may take acknowledgments (CGS§1-29), may join persons in marriage (CGS§46b-22), and may take depositions (CGS§52-148c) anywhere within the State of Connecticut.  The total number of Justices a town is entitled to select are allocated first among major political parties and then among unaffiliated voters and minor party members.  Justices are selected during the year of the Presidential election and serve a four year term.  Please contact the Town Clerk for more information if you are interested in becoming a Justice of the Peace in Barkhamsted.

Click here for the list of Justices in the Town of Barkhamsted.  The official zip code is (Barkhamsted)  06063 unless indicated otherwise.  You may also search for a JP online at https://www.findajp.com/