Marriage Licenses


Obtaining a Marriage License

A marriage license may only be obtained from the Town Clerk of the Town where the ceremony will take place. There is no waiting period between applying for and receiving your license, nor blood tests required.  While appointments are not required in the Barkhamsted Town Clerk's office, it is highly recommended that you call ahead to be sure that the Registrar or Assistant Registrar of Vital Statistics will be available at the time you plan to arrive.

If you are getting married in Barkhamsted, both parties must appear in person in the Town Clerk’s office to sign the license and present a valid photo ID. Approximately 30 minutes is needed for processing the license, so be sure to arrive within that time period before the office closes (unless other arrangements have been made).  The fee for the license is $50.  A certified copy of your license will be required by the Social Security Department and the DMV in order to make a name change, so a certified copy may be ordered at a cost of $20 and can be mailed or picked up in person once the original certificate is returned to the town clerk’s office by the officiator. We accept cash, checks, or debit/credit cards (3% fee added).

You may print and complete the Marriage License Worksheet and bring it with you. You are also welcome to email or fax the completed worksheet to us and we could have your license ready for you to review once you arrive in the office. If you do not complete the form in advance, please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Your place of birth (state or country only);
  • Your parents' places of birth (state or country only);
  • Your mother's maiden name (first and last name);
  • The name and contact information of the person performing the ceremony and;
  • The date you expect the marriage to occur.

Once both parties have appeared in person, the application is completed, the oaths are given and the      license is signed by both parties, you will leave with the actual license in hand which will be valid for       65 days.

Please give the license to the individual performing the ceremony. Under Connecticut law the following   individuals may officiate a marriage ceremony:

  • All judges, including out of state judges who are authorized to perform marriages in their jurisdictions.
  • Family support magistrates, state referees and Justices of the Peace who are appointed in Connecticut. Click on this link for a list of Barkhamsted Justices of the Peace.
  • All ordained or licensed members of the clergy belonging to this state or any other state, as long as they continue in the work of the ministry.

The person who performs the ceremony will complete the "Officiator" section of the license after he or she performs the ceremony. By law, it is that person's responsibility to return the license to the town clerk's office in the town where the ceremony occurred.  This may be done either in person or by mail.

Once the license is returned to the Town Clerk, it will be kept on file in the town permanently.  That is when your certified copy will be made and sent to you if you ordered one.  You are always welcome to ask for additional certified copies upon receipt of proper payment.  A certified copy will also be sent to the Connecticut town of residence for both parties if different from the town of occurrence and to the State of Connecticut Vital Records Department. 

Connecticut Marriage Laws

A person is eligible to enter into a marriage in the State of Connecticut if such person is:

  • Not a party to another marriage
  • At least 18 years of age, or at least 16 years of age with judicial consent of the probate office
  • Not under the supervision of a conservator unless written consent of the conservator has been granted
  • Not kindred