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Barkhamsted Municipal Broadband Survey - Updated

Posted on
July 7, 2022
Town Hall

In case you didn’t see the press release or see the town-wide email a couple of weeks ago, please take a look at the following information:

Barkhamsted Launches Broadband Survey to Gather Data on Internet Speed, Satisfaction, and Demand Interest

Local officials seek community input as part of a study exploring the feasibility of a town-wide fiber optic network.
Community members are urged take part in an online survey to assess the adequacy of current service and gather interest in subscribing to high-speed fiber internet (
Barkhamsted, CT … Because reliable internet access is essential to daily life in the 21st, century, officials from the town are exploring the feasibility of building a town-owned fiber optic network to provide high-speed internet access to all residents and businesses. 
Most home internet service in Barkhamsted is currently provided by Charter Spectrum delivered over traditional coaxial cable technology with advertised standard download speeds up to 200 mbps. To validate the actual speeds that users experience, the Barkhamsted broadband survey includes a speed test to measure both download and upload performance. The survey also includes a a 14 question poll for participants to share their opinions about the importance of reliable high speed internet connectivity.
The goal of the Barkhamsted broadband initiative is to educate residents and businesses about the opportunity for the town to build an open access network that would provide a choice for reliable, high-speed fiber internet and optional VOIP telephone service.
Barkhamsted residents and business owners can access the survey on the town website at  It can be completed from any device with an internet connection; however, speed tests conducted from home computers will provide the most accurate data results. Residents who do not have home internet service or need assistance can complete the survey at the Beardsley & Memorial Library or the Barkhamsted Senior Center. 
Concurrent with the broadband survey, town officials are working with experts from Connecticut-based Sertex Broadband Solutions to conduct a FTTX Feasibility Analysis, which is a financial and engineering review.  It will provide high-level design requirements and costs for network construction, including aerial and underground fiber pathways, pole licensing, engineering, fiber drops, equipment and installation, and annual operating and maintenance expenses. The resulting financial information will be essential for the town in applying for grant funding.

In addition to the Town survey we are conducting on broadband, we are excited to partner with Connecticut Conference of Municipalities (CCM - @CCM.ForCT) to promote the 2022 CCM Broadband Connectivity Survey! Your input will help guide federal investments in more reliable internet access for Connecticut’s residents. Please complete this very brief survey from your home network today!