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Hours of Operation
Monday - Thursday: 8:30am - 4:30pm, Friday: Closed. During inclement weather, please call our office as opening may be delayed or closing may be early.


The Assessor's Office will be closed on Thursday, June 6th for Certification and Continuing Education requirements.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

The assessor's office can provide assistance for most assessment needs by phone, email or mail. In addition, answers to many of your assessment questions can be found on this website.

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The Assessor’s primary responsibility is the compilation of all taxable and exempt property in the Town of Barkhamsted. The Assessor's office is also responsible to ensure that all property is fairly and equitably assessed. If you believe your assessment is inaccurate, please contact us and we will try to assist you. If you still believe your assessment is inaccurate, you may present your information to the Board of Assessment Appeals for further review.  For information regarding appeals, please click here for the Board of Assessment Appeals page.  


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Assessor Function
The Assessor’s Office is responsible for:

  • Discovering, listing and valuing equitably, all real property, personal property and motor vehicles within the Town of Barkhamsted in accordance with Connecticut State Statutes.
  • Annually providing a Grand List of all taxable property within the Town of Barkhamsted
  • Maintaining an up-to-date inventory of all properties, including land and improvements thereon, changes in ownership, new construction, alterations and subdivisions or mergers filed as of the assessment date, October 1.
  • Annually inspecting and valuing all permit activity within the town limits of Barkhamsted.
Assessor Services
The Assessor's Office administers:

  • State and local programs of tax relief and applying exemptions as permitted by state law (Veterans, Disabled, Blind, Elderly Tax Relief, etc.)
  • Motor Vehicle assessment adjustments for vehicles that have either been sold, stolen, salvaged or registered out of state
  • Assessor map updates and Assessor Property Record Card updates
  • Revaluation of all Real Estate as defined by State Statutes, conducted every 5 years

NOTE: Questions regarding tax due dates, amounts due, amounts paid and interest should be directed to the Tax Collector’s Office at (860) 738-4762 or visit the Tax Collector's webpage by clicking here.
Mill Rates
2022 | MV         32.46 (32.00 + Fire 0.46)
             RE, PP   33.94 (32.00 + Fire 1.94)
2021 | MV         32.46 (31.49 + Fire 0.97)
             RE, PP   33.45 (31.49 + Fire 1.96)
2020 | 33.21 (31.52 + Fire 1.69) 
2019 | 32.43 (30.77 + Fire 1.66)
2018 | 32.63 (Reval: 30.97 + Fire 1.66)
2017 | 31.52 (29.86 + Fire 1.66)
2016 | 31.00 (29.37 + Fire 1.63)
2015 | 30.02 (28.36 + Fire 1.66)
2014 | 29.38 (27.72 + Fire 1.66)
2013 | 29.00 (Reval: 27.37 + Fire 1.63)
2012 | 25.69 (24.26 + Fire 1.43)
2011 | 24.79 (23.39 + Fire 1.40)
2010 | 24.02 (22.67 + Fire 1.35)

MV = Motor Vehicle
RE = Real Estate
PP = Personal Property

Last Real Estate Revaluation: Effective October 1, 2018
Motor Vehicle Property Tax
If your registration is due to expire within 60 days (or has already expired) and you have not received a renewal notification you MUST CONTACT DMV.  If you are being reported with a tax (or other) compliance issue in a town you never lived in, you should contact the town reporting the non-compliance.

Motor vehicles are subject to a local property tax under Connecticut state law, whether registered or not.

Motor Vehicle Assessments

Motor vehicles are assessed according to State statutes at 70% of the Clean Retail value through the use of the JDP and NADA Guides and other resources.

The uniform assessment date is October 1st in Connecticut. Motor vehicles registered on October 1st will be part of the October 1st Grand List.  Vehicles registered after October 1st, but prior to August 1st, will be a supplement to the October 1st Grand List.

Unregistered or out-of-state registered vehicles that you are not in the process of registering in Connecticut, must be declared on your Personal Property Declaration. Please refer to that section for details.

Motor Vehicle Valuation

On or before the first day of October each year, the Secretary of the Office of Policy and Management (OPM), in cooperation with the Connecticut Association of Assessing Officers (CAAO), recommends a schedule of motor vehicle values (i.e., specific pricing guides prepared by nationally recognized firms) pursuant to §12-71d. The recommended schedule of motor vehicle values is used by assessors in each municipality in determining the market value of the motor vehicles that are covered by the schedule. The value of each motor vehicle as listed represents its clean retail price as of October 1st. The assessment is based on 70% of the clean retail price. 
The schedule of values that OPM generally recommends are from the  J D Power Official Guides.  The Used Car and Older Used Car Guides do not list the average retail prices of vehicles, instead, they list “clean retail value.” These terms are synonymous – JD Powers' clean retail value has the same meaning as the term average retail price or average retail value.

Supplemental Motor Vehicles

Supplemental motor vehicles are vehicles that were not registered on October 1st, but were registered subsequent to October 1st and prior to August 1st. Motor vehicle assessments are prorated from the month registered through September.

Motor Vehicle Tax Credits

Motor vehicle tax credits (prorate adjustments) are provided for those vehicles which are:

  1. Sold
  2. Totally damaged
  3. Registered out of state
  4. Stolen not recovered
  5. Repossessed

This credit applies only to the current year and one year prior. Proof is required for prorates. Vehicles which are disposed of are entitled to the following credit percentages of assessed value.

  • October | 91.7%
  • November | 83.3%
  • December | 75.0%
  • January | 66.7%
  • February  | 58.3%
  • March | 50.0%
  • April | 41.7%
  • May | 33.3%
  • June | 25.0%
  • July  | 16.7%
  • August | 8.3%

Deadline for Presentation of Proof for Adjustment:

The proof for adjustments (prorates) of motor vehicles regular list must be presented within 27 months of the assessment date. Example:  the owner of a vehicle with a bill referencing an assessment date of October 1, 2021 has until December 31, 2023 to present all proofs of disposal.

  • Click here for a Brochure of Motor Vehicle Information & Required Proofs for adjustments of Motor Vehicle Tax Bills .
  • Click here for Application for Motor Vehicle Property Tax Exemption or Exemption Benefit for Connecticut Residents who are Members of the Armed Forces CGS 12-81(53)

Taxpayer failure to provide all forms of proof for the adjustment within the 27 months of the assessment date forfeits the right to an adjustment of the bill by Connecticut law 12-71c.

Antique, Rare or Special Interest Motor Vehicles:

An owner of a vehicle that can be classified as antique, rare or special interest, but does not currently have DMV-issued Classic Vehicle plates for such vehicle, may complete an affidavit (link below) and submit it to the Assessor's office for review.  The Assessor's office must receive this affidavit by Oct 1 in order for it to be considered for that Grand List. 

  • For the affidavit form, click here.  Please contact our office if you have any questions.
  • For information regarding DMV issued Classic Vehicle plates, please click here.
P.A. 490 Information
Application to the Assessor for PA490 Classification (*Don't forget the Attachment)

Owners of real estate qualified under various subsections of 12-107 of CGS, applying for relief under provisions of this statute, must make application to the Assessor. Written application for such classification with the Assessor must be filed between September 1st and October 31st. There are no extensions, except in a revaluation year, when the application must be filed no later than December 30th.

To be eligible for Forest Land classification, a new qualified Forester's Report must be completed and issued by October 1st of that Grand List year. This report must be attached to the completed application and filed with the Assessor's office by October 31st.  The deadline for filing the Forester's Report is not extended during a revaluation year. 

To locate a Forester you my use the following link:

Foresters Offering Services to Private Land Owners 

Under the most current law, whether you acquired the property by sale or transfer, if you as the new record owner want to continue to receive this preferential tax treatment, then you MUST apply for this special classification in your own name. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. If your application is not filed in a timely manner, the special classification shall be removed from the property and the assessment shall increase accordingly for the next Grand List. Note, there is a special procedure for applying for Forestland which may require considerable time to complete. 
Personal Property Information
NEW BUSINESSES - BARKHAMSTED INFORMATION: All New Businesses should complete the Personal Property Affidavit so that we have your correct information for our files. You may also contact the Town Clerk to file a Certificate of Trade Name.  Please click on Personal Property Q & A for the answers to many common questions regarding the annual assessment filing requirements.  You are also welcome to contact our office during our regular business hours.  We are happy to assist you. 

was launched in 2020 and serves as a one-stop-shop for businesses and entrepreneurs to navigate state government requirements as effectively and quickly as possible.

PERSONAL PROPERTY DECLARATIONS - BUSINESSES AND UNREGISTERED OR OUT-OF-STATE REGISTERED VEHICLES: The following are the most commonly required annual personal property declaration forms:

Scroll to the bottom for additional forms

NOTICE: The Assessment Date for Personal Property Declarations is October 1, 2023. Complete instructions are included on the 2023 Full Form.  All Personal Property Declaration Forms are available on this website or you may contact the Assessor’s Office to have one mailed to you: 860-379-3600.
DEADLINE: The deadline for filing personal property declarations is November 1, 2023.  The Office is closed on Fridays.

LATE FILING NOTE: if a declaration is received after November 1, 2023 it will be considered late unless it has been postmarked by the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) by November 1, 2023. Declarations received after November 1, 2023 with postmarks using Pitney Bowes or any other in-house postal machine will still be subject to the 25% late filing Penalty unless they have also been canceled by the USPS or have a searchable USPS tracking number showing a mailing date no later than Nov 1, 2023.

* Declarations can be delivered to the Assessor’s Office by hand, faxed, or mailed.

FAX: 860-379-9284

ADDRESS: Assessor’s Office, Town of Barkhamsted, 67 Ripley Hill Rd., Barkhamsted, CT 06063 (US Postal Service Postmark by November 1, 2023)

PENALTY: Failure to declare will result in a 25% penalty. Late filing will also result in a 25% penalty, unless an extension For Good Cause has been requested in writing by November 1, 2023.

BUSINESS TERMINATION OR MOVE: If your business has recently closed, please complete the Affidavit on the first page of the Personal Property Declaration and include one of the following:

  1. Certificate of dissolution from the Connecticut Secretary of State's Office that the business closed prior to 10/1/2023  (LLC's should be dissolved and be issued a certificate).
  2. Letter from an accountant that the business has been dissolved prior to October 1, 2023.
  3. Letter from the bank that the business accounts have been closed prior to October1, 2023.
  4. A copy of the lease showing date expired and no longer leasing space as of October 1, 2023.

Additional Forms for Your Use
Property Record Cards & GIS
Property Record Cards and GIS information are available to the public in the Resources section of this page. The Property Cards have been updated to reflect the 2023 Grand List assessments, based on the 2023 Revaluation. 

All information concerning property assessment and values is public information. Any property owners who object to having their names available online may request to have this information suppressed from internet access. You must submit your request in writing to the Assessor's Office. Once the Assessor receives your request, your information will be removed on the next available update. You should be aware that even if you choose not to have your name available online, your property information will still appear in the database.
Tax Relief Information

Applications are now available for Elderly or 100%  Disabled Homeowners who meet the income requirements.  New applicants or those who did not qualify when they last applied are also welcome to apply. Income qualifying limits for the 2023 Grand List will be based on the following income maximums: The maximum for single applicants is $43,800; the maximum for married applicants is $53,400. 


Individuals who are applying for tax relief are required to provide documentation of Social Security Benefits (SSA-1099). 

As of January 2019, the contact number for the Torrington Social Security Office is (800) 772-1213.


ELDERLY/100% SOCIAL SECURITY DISABLED RENTERS REBATE NOTE:  Beginning June 1, please call the office to coordinate for the Renter's Rebate Application.  The application period is open until Oct. 1, 2024.

New applications for the blind or totally disabled person’s exemption must be filed by October 1st of the assessment date.

Totally Disabled Tax Exemption Application: FORM D-1  

Under Barkhamsted Town Ordinances, Local Exemptions are available to the owners of certain private vehicles specially equipped for the transportation of the handicapped. Please call or visit the Assessor's office for further information.

Veterans must have their DD-214 form (discharge papers) on file with the town clerk’s office no later than September 30, 2024  to be eligible for the veteran’s exemption on the October 1st assessment date for the  2024 list year. Veterans may request their DD-214 on-line from the National Archives. Veterans with service connected disability rating and under the age of 65, must submit to the assessor proof of disability rating from the Veterans Administration, in order to receive the proper amount of exemption on the 2024 Grand List.

If you are receiving additional exemptions due to a Veteran's disability, you may be entitled to an additional exemption equivalent to the 100% disability rating. If you are receiving such an exemption, please provide proof to the Assessor.

Income qualifying limits for the 2024 Grand List will be based on the following income maximums: The maximum for single applicants will be $43,800; the maximum for married applicants will be $53,400.  (File biennially form M-59a , Filing period Feb. 1st - Oct. 1st)

100% V.A. determined Disabled Veterans will continue to use $18,000 for single applicants and $21,000 for married applicants (adjusted gross income only; Social Security Income is not considered).

Information for Disabled Veterans Who Need to Obtain VA Verification for Tax Assessment Purposes
Effective with tax year 2008, the Federal VA will no longer automatically mail to you VA Form 20-5455, “Statement of Benefit Payment Records,” for submission to your local Tax Assessor for tax abatement credit.  You must now request on your own a Letter of Disability Verification from the VA Regional Office in Newington through one of the below methods and submit this letter to your Tax Assessor immediately upon receipt. 

You must include in your request your full name, VA claim number (or Social Security number if not known), and your complete mailing address.  

Ways for Disabled CT Veterans to Request an Annual Letter of Disability Verification from the VA:

  1. Email a request to
  2. Fax a written request to (860) 665-7654
  3. Call the toll-free CT Veterans Information Line at (866) 928-8387 and ask them to submit a request to the Federal VA on your behalf 
  4. Visit a district office of the CT Department of Veterans’ Affairs located in Bridgeport, Newington, Norwich, Rocky Hill, Waterbury or West Haven
(Addresses and telephone numbers are available at this link or by calling (866) 928-8387)

Tax Exemption for Certain Energy Systems
Please click on the following link for requirements to qualify and apply for certain energy system exemptions:
Tax Exemption Applications Certain Energy Systems Form M-44 and M-44a


12-81 (56): Active solar heating or cooling system installed on or after October 1, 1976 (local ordinance
adoption). Refer to Town ordinance Sec 178-3 for details.

12-81 (57)(A): (i) Any Class I renewable energy source, as defined in §16-1; hydropower facility described
in subdivision (21) of subsection (a) of §16-1, installed for the generation of electricity where such
electricity is intended for private residential use or on a farm, provided (I) such installation occurs on
or after October 1, 2007, (II) the estimated annual production of such source or facility does not exceed
the estimated annual load for the location where such source or facility is located, and (III) such
installation is for a 1-4 family dwelling or a farm, (ii) any passive or active solar water or space heating
system or (iii) any geothermal energy resource (state mandated).

12-81 (57)(B): Any Class I renewable energy source, as defined in §16-1, hydropower facility described in
subdivision (21) of subsection (a) of §16-1, or solar thermal or geothermal renewable energy source,
installed for generation or displacement of energy for commercial & industrial purposes, provided
installation occurs on or after January 1, 2010; nameplate capacity doesn't exceed load for location, and
such source or facility is located in a distressed municipality as defined in §32-9p with a population
between 125,000 and 135,000 (state mandated).

12-81 (57)(D): Any Class I renewable energy source, as defined in §16-1, hydropower facility described in
subdivision (21) of subsection (a) of §16-1, or solar thermal or geothermal renewable energy source,
installed for generation or displacement of energy for commercial & industrial purposes, installed on or
after January 1, 2014 and where the nameplate capacity does not exceed the load for the location where
such generation or displacement is located, or the aggregated load in virtual net metering pursuant to
§16-244u (state mandated).

12-81 (62): Passive solar energy heating or cooling systems and hybrid systems installed on or after April
20, 1977 (local ordinance adoption). Refer to Town ordinance Sec 178-3.1 for details.

12-81 (63): Cogeneration system installed on or after July 1, 2007 (local ordinance adoption). Refer to Town ordinance Sec 178-4.1 for details.

Tax Exempt Organization Application and Quadrennial Renewal Report (M-3 Form)
For Connecticut Municipal Tax Exempt Organizations, please download the appropriate application:
Tax Exempt Without Housing or
Tax Exempt With Housing

Applications are due November 1 for any new applicants and renewals are due on a quadrennial basis with the next renewal due November 1, 2025.

Please contact the assessor's office for additional information.
Veteran Exemption Forms
Veterans must have filed their DD-214 form (discharge papers) with the town clerk’s office no later than September 30th to be eligible for the veterans exemption on the assessment of the October 1st list year (billed the following July).

Veterans may request their DD-214 by using one of the following methods:
  •  On-line from the National Archives
  • Tel #: 1-866-272-6272
  • Fax #: 314-801-9195 (confirm # before faxing)
  • Mail: The National Archives and Records Admin. 8601 Adelphi Road College Park, MD 20740-6001 (confirm address before mailing)

Veterans Exemption forms:
For additional information, please go to the Tax Relief Information section
2023 Revaluation Information
The 2023 Revaluation has been completed and the Board of Assessment Appeals have also completed their duties.  The Property Cards are available through the GIS/Property Cards link on the Home page or on the Assessor page, above.

The items below provide information regarding the 2023 Revaluation Process and a prior Power Point form the 2018 Revaluation Process for informational purposes:

If you have any questions regarding this process, please call the Assessor's office at (860) 379 - 3600.

Staff & Contacts

Carmen Smith
(860) 379-3600
Andrea Lefcheck
Assessor Assistant

Staff & Contacts

Carmen Smith
(860) 379-3600
Andrea Lefcheck
Assessor Assistant
(860) 379-3600

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