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Board of Assessment Appeals

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The Assessor's responsibility is to ensure that all property is fairly and equitably assessed. If you believe your assessment is inaccurate please contact the Assessor if you have not already done so and she will try to assist you prior to filing an appeal. For March 2021 appeals, Applications to Appeal Assessments must be received by the assessor's office no later than the close of business Thursday, February 18th.  The office is closed Fridays thru Sundays.

March/April Meetings: The BAA  will listen to appeals for Real Estate, Personal Property, and Motor Vehicle accounts which have not been billed; and Supplemental Motor Vehicle bills issued the preceding January.

A taxpayer must complete an application per C.G.S. ss12-111, on a form issued by the BAA.  This form must be submitted to the Assessor on or before the close of business on February 20th to be eligible to meet with the BAA in March, unless the Assessor and BAA have been granted an extension of time for completion of duties.  In the event an extension has been granted for one month, the appeal application deadline and the BAA meeting will be extended likewise. The application filing deadline is located on the application form and can be obtained in the Assessor's Office on February 1st or by downloading Instructions and Appeal Form on the right side of this page.

September Meetings:  The BAA will listen to appeals for Motor Vehicles only.  Taxpayers should appear with their vehicle and/or any evidence or documentation to support their claim.  Appeals are handled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Anyone claiming to be aggrieved by the actions of the Assessor has the right to an appeal before the Board of Assessment Appeals.

2021 Schedule

  • Deadline to File Appeal:  February 20th by close of business  (Postmarks are not accepted for appeal forms. Whenever February 20th falls on a weekend or holiday the due date is the previous business day.) Note, if the Grand List is extended, the deadline to file and appeal will likewise be extended.
  • Appeal Hearings:  March17 and March 18 (if needed). 
  • Decision Letters: 7 days after decision has been made
  • Appeals to Superior Court: 60 days after date of decision
  • September BAA Meeting:  MV appeals only - September 15 and September 16 (if needed), 2021. 


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Additional Info

What information is needed for an appeal?
The appeal form must be completed in its entirety and needs to include:

  • property owner's name (or authorized agent - see authorization form)
  • description of the property that is the subject of the appeal
  • name and mailing address of the party to be sent correspondence regarding the appeal
  • reason for the appeal
  • appellants estimate of value
  • property owner's (or authorized agent's) signature and the date
After I file the appeal form, what happens next?
Appeals that are received by the application deadline are scheduled for a hearing appointment.  If the appeal form is received after the deadline, it will be rejected.

Appeals for hearings are by appointment only.  Hearing appointments will be mailed to appellants by March 1st.  Hearing dates and times are scheduled based on the date the appeal application is received.

Please Note: There is limited flexibility with regard to appointment dates and times because the board meets evenings only.  The BAA will not reschedule an appointment without good cause and only if another time is available. If you need to reschedule your appointment, please contact the Assessor's Office at (860) 379-3600.  Unless you receive written confirmation of a rescheduled appointment, you or our agent must appear at the time and place first prescribed by the BAA.

What happens at the appeal hearing?
The appeal will be heard by the Board of Assessment Appeals.  In order for an appeal to be heard, the property owner or authorized agent must consent to be sworn in, answer questions and present the facts regarding their case either orally or written.  
What should I bring to the hearing?
Bring any and all evidence (photos, documents, etc.) to substantiate your reason for adjustment.  Appellants may appear in person or be represented by an attorney or authorized agent. 
When will I learn the outcome of my appeal?
The Board of Assessment Appeal's final determination of decisions must go out within one (1) week of the Board's action on the property.  Notice of final determinations will be mailed to the property owner or authorized agent.
What if I don't agree with the Board's decision?
Appellants who feel aggrieved by the Board or are dissatisfied with their decisions may appeal to the Superior Court in their jurisdiction to hear the case within 60 days of notice.
When do I file an appeal form?
Appeals must be submitted to the Board of Assessment Appeals by February 20th (March 20th if the Assessor's Office has been granted an extension) for Real Property,  Personal Property and Motor Vehicle assessments. For 2021, appeals must be submitted by the close of business on February 18th since the office is closed on February 19th and February 20th.

September meetings are for Motor Vehicle appeals only.  Please call or check the website for meeting dates.

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