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(860) 379-2895 Please email for any questions about programs and camp.
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Town Hall
67 Ripley Hill Road
Hours of Operation
Office hours by appointment. Please email- Donna Bastrzycki-Barkahmsted Recreation Director-


The Barkhamsted Recreation Department has many enjoyable programs for you and your family throughout the year. To stay up to date on all of our current programs please check the website and also "like" the Town of Barkhamsted's Facebook Page.  Town traditional events and programs include-The Halloween Dance, Thanksgiving Hike and Pot Luck, Christmas in Riverton-Christmas Crafters Workshop, Ski Club, Karate, Mindful Movement, Pickleball, Earth Day, Summer Recreation Camp,  Moonlight Canoe and Kayak Trip, PaddleBoarding program with Morsel Munk during the month of July and many joint programs with the FRCC River Steward Team, FALPS and with other town and local organizations throughout the year.  When registering for a program, please mail the registation/payment forms to Barkhamsted Parks and Recreation Department -67 Ripley Hill Road  Pleasant Valley, CT 06063. Please sign up before the deadlines to reserve your spot for classes/programs and help ensure safe and fun programs.  The deadlines are set prior to the class to help finalzie staffing and supplies.


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FALPS Events

Friends of American Legion and People's State Forest (FALPS)

Tee shirts are in. We have some of the original artwork shirts and a new style.  Hats are now in also!  They are avalable at the Riverton Store.  

Remember to regularly check our Facebook page. You do not have to be ‘on-Facebook’ to get onto the site. Simply type ‘Friends of American Legion and Peoples State Forests’ in the search box and it will bring up a link to our Facebook page. Events are FREE unless otherwise stated. Donations are always appreciated.

  • Scheduled events: Inclement weather cancels or postpones hikes. Check the FALPS Facebook page or the Town Calendar for Community Events.

February 2021
 Due to Covid-19 concerns and the increasing rates of infection, we have put in-person activities on hold, but check out what we do have planned below:
We will get back to regular programming as soon as we can; we have some great programs/activities ready to be rolled out! As you continue to utilize the forests on your own, please remember not to bunch up – keep that 6-foot distance between people.
Safety: With some snow on the trails, beware that there may be ice underneath. Probably a good idea to wear ice creepers of some kind.  (I know because I slipped this morning!!)
 Remember: No matter what ails you, there is no better prescription or more effective therapy than a walk in the woods!
 January 1st - March 1st:  Hike & Seek Scavenger Hunt
Come join FALPS in the New Year for a multi-level Hike & Seek Scavenger Hunt in American Legion and Peoples State Forests. Beginning New Year’s Day, you can find a link on our Facebook page (http://www.facebook/ctfalps) or our website ( to download our Seek lists.  These lists will include everything from historical spots in our forests, to types of trees, overlooks and much, much more. We will also e-mail the lists (  There are different lists for different age levels and fun for all! We encourage you to take pictures of your finds, then send the completed lists to Fun prizes will be awarded!
Saturday, February 20th, Bald Eagles in Connecticut, 4 p.m. Zoom Presentation
It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane — no, it’s an Eagle!! Bald eagles were once so endangered that many considered whether to replace them as America’s national symbol. The ongoing story of their recovery as a species and Connecticut’s healthy eagle population is a comeback story worth hearing. Join Ginny Apple, a Master Wildlife Conservationist, for a talk about these magnificent birds of prey that so fascinate onlookers, including their valuable contributions to our ecosystem. Ginny will discuss and give a slide show presentation on the bald eagle and its resurging population in Connecticut. If you’re interested in joining us, send an e-mail to us at:
Sunday, March 7th, White-Tailed Deer: Seasonal Adaptability and Facts, 4 p.m. Zoom Presentation
Want to learn more about White-tailed Deer? Curious about how they change and adapt to the seasons? Join us in a Zoom talk with Master tracker and Master Wildlife Conservationist, Ray Hardy. If you’re interested in joining us, send an e-mail to us at:
Sunday, March 21st, Enhancing Seasonal Food and Cover for Wildlife, 7 p.m. Zoom Presentation
Join FALPS and DEEP Wildlife Biologist Peter Picone as he discusses the value of native plants to wildlife as the Winter season gives way to Spring. If you’re interested in joining us, send an e-mail to us at:
Work Update
All the trails are cleared after several storms this summer and fall, so go take a hike!  
  • We cleared downed trees from the Agnes Bowen and Charles Pack Trails.
  • We made and hung up two more large nesting boxes designed to help the rare American Kestrel (a.k.a. sparrow hawk) find adequate nesting sites.
  • We cleared some phragmites in the Beaver Brook Marsh.
  • We began the process of re-routing a section of the Agnes Bowen Trail to move it off of Greenwoods Road. It will be open in the spring. 
If you would enjoy getting out and doing trail work or other types of outdoor projects, please let us know. We always need help and have many more work projects in the pipeline!
 We have New Style Hats and Tee Shirts, available at the Riverton Store.  Stop in for a sandwich, hot chili/soup, or ice cream and treat yourself to a new hat or tee!  Buy yourself what you really wanted for the holidays!!
I hope to see you in the woods!
Ralph Scarpino
FALPS President

Helping the Wild and Scenic Farmington River
Are you passionate about the Farmington River?  Do you enjoy being outdoors and making a difference in the community?  Consider offering a few hours of your time to help a great cause.  What can you do?

There is a new team of 'Assistant Stewards' for the summer. They will help spread the word about proper etiquette on the river and provide a presence during the busier times. This could be a great learning experience for students majoring in environmental studies/conservation, or just someone who enjoys interacting with others. If interested in learning more please contact - Stephan Bastrzycki - River Steward. The River Steward Team partners with the Recreation Department and other local groups to put on joint events throughout the year. The Steward team is also a part of the Recreation Department's Summer Camp.

Periodically there are river cleanups held on specific stretches of the river. A few people volunteering a couple hours of their time can make a big difference. Check our calendar of events on the home page of the Farmington River Steward website-  when the next cleanup become scheduled.

  • Consider 'adopting' a small stretch of river and help keep it clean.
If you do not want to actually commit to any hours, be our eyes on the river. The next time you are out on the Farmington and see something that needs reporting, let us know via email.

Maybe it is a downed tree creating a hazard in the water or an area of trash that needs to be cleaned up.
Recreation Program Volunteers

Volunteer Opportunities and Fun Community Events! 

Would you like to help as a volunteer for the Recreation Department? There are many opportunities available such as serving on the Recreation Commission which meet the third Monday of each month from September-June at Town Hall at 7 p.m. and program volunteers. Or do you want to help keep the Farmington River Beautiful and a Fun and Safe Place to Recreate? Consider giving some time as a volunteer assistant River Steward or a volunteer for the Recreation Department. There are many opportunities to become invloved. We have several fun joint events throughout the year and are always looking for new volunteers! For more Recreation program info  please email-Donna Bastrzycki-Recreation Director
Resources and Activities for Families during the COVID-19 pandemic
Resources for Families during the  COVID-19 (Coronavirus)




Cool and Fun Activities

Virtual Field trips- (Take a cool trip without leaving the house!)

Awesome Indoor Ideas including DYI Indoor Bowling!


Virtual Family Outings!

Travel the globe without leaving the house-- check out Earth cam!

Explore Africa and cool animals with this live web cam-

Check out the National Aquarium with its live broadcast!

Watch adorable puppies on live cam!


Coloring Pages


At Home Exercise Workouts

Awesome video series-NCHPAD (National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability



Relaxation and Mindfulness



An Excellent Resource for Parents and Caregivers for supporting those with Autism in uncertain times-from UNC Frank Porter Graham Child Development Instructive Team-

Game for Autism & SPARK for Autism! continues its free tour across the state of Connecticut in appreciation of SPARK at Yale ( The event uses the Project CASY Mobile Inclusion Arcade and other cool games.  Please see Dr. Roger Jou's post from this link-

I hope you find these resources helpful and will be putting up more resourceful links.

Donna Bastrzycki-Barkhamsted Recreation Director

Staff & Contacts

Donna Bastrzycki
(860) 379-2895 Please email- for questions about programs or camp.

Staff & Contacts

Donna Bastrzycki
(860) 379-2895 Please email- for questions about programs or camp.

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